[E11] Black Rodeo


**Tickets available HERE ↗**

DOG is pleased to announce [E10] Dark Thoughts, a one-night horror film festival at the Victoria Theatre. Dark Thoughts explores the shadowy corners of the psyche with a curated selection of short films made by independent directors from the Bay Area and across the country. At San Francisco’s oldest operating (and possibly haunted) theater, the Victoria, we invite you to contemplate the darkness in the company of the living. Dark thoughts happen to all of us. The internal, subconscious mind drifts away from the face we present to the public—questioning, inviting, tempting us from the periphery. Horror as a film genre beckons us into these murky waters from the safety of a theater seat. Tickets are available for purchase through Eventbrite ↗. Seats are limited—get yours before they vanish into the night. **Please note some of these films contain mature themes. This festival is intended for an 18+ audience.** FEATURING—

Smooth Sepi Mashiahof

Evil in Residence Piranha Psychotronica

Brain Eaters of Joshua Tree Barret Hacia

Feng Shui Kamran Rathod

The Hospital Loretta Stern

Still Life Chichi Castillo

Black Lapine Erika Culverson

I Didn’t Know I Was Dead Alan Resnick

The Veil Lauren R M

Dial Tone Cole Montminy

Lovesick Dreams for Dead Cats Productions

Supper Elyse Schrock

**Tickets available HERE ↗**