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DOG invites you to DRIP, a weeklong market of metal objects and jewelry. Shop the handmade works of independent artists, including WHOLLY, Nico Corona, Floating World, Sulkworm, and L.JARDIM. Visit the opening reception on Saturday, July 15th from 5–7pm with a DJ set by Mishka and wine from Bar Part Time!

Market Hours: 7/15 Saturday 11–4 7/16 Sunday 11–4 7/20 Thursday 11–4 7/21 Friday 11–4 7/22 Saturday 11–4 7/23 Sunday 11–4

WHOLLY ↗ With a background in fine arts, Alex Toledo (WHOLLY) works in casting, design, photography, performance art, painting, and ceramics—and continues to learn new techniques to further her creative practice. With an emphasis on sculpture and a deep infatuation for the materials she works in, Alex focuses on creating unique, unisex adornments that push the limits of embodiment with her chainmail pieces that blur the lines of fashion and art.

Nico Corona ↗ is a first-generation Latinx artist based in San Francisco who grew up in a steel town in Southern California. His work explores form, materiality, function, and feelings.

Floating World ↗ Inspired by the natural world, history, fantasy, and myth, Allison Grabenhorst (Floating World) strives to create forms both sculptural and surreal. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are made by employing lost wax casting and silversmithing techniques with accents of gemstones and pearls.

Sulkworm ↗ Madi Nup (Sulkworm) is a nonbinary, queer artist based in Seattle, Washington who began experimenting with solder pieces and chainmail in 2022. The energy in their work is recognized as elaborate, high fantasy, and ethereal for those seeking a unique outward expression.

L.JARDIM ↗ L. JARDIM focuses on the relationship between industrial and contemporary aesthetics, exploring a balance between edge and elegance. Shapes and silhouettes present throughout these collections reference examinations in architecture, modernism, nostalgia, and duality. All jewelry is handcrafted locally using recycled precious metals and made to order.

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