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Just as we value our food, we must value the farmers, producers, and pathways that support our food systems.

Join us for a unique dinner experience and immersive panel discussion exploring the form and function of small-scale food systems. A proposition for a different way of eating that seeks to lead us to sustainable practices through a love for food, in all its vibrancy and variety, and a means of support for the economic well-being of those who provide it.

Led by Will Gertler, founder of the Kenya-based seafood company ↗ Kumbatia, we’ll host an evening of dining, dialogue, and discussion with industry leaders in policy, investment, and global ecological initiatives around food production and its impact on the climate.

The evening will feature a menu of responsibly-sourced cuisine prepared by chef ↗ Leif Hedendal (Formerly of Noma, Chez Panisse, and Greens) who since 2008 has hosted Dinner Discussions, an ongoing series bringing together artists, curators, and writers with chefs, farmers, and food activists, to sit around a table, enjoy a meal, discuss their projects, and form connections.

Tickets ↗ here

July 12th, 7–9pm 428 Waller Street San Francisco, CA 94117

Tableware provided by ↗ Heath Ceramics

Glassware courtesy of Elias Hansen and ↗ Paly Fiery Arts Booster Club

Styled by ↗ Abby St. Claire