[E12] Relate(): AI Bonds


Companion AI, akin to pets, are forging profound and enduring relationships with humans. Over time, these AI companions have the potential to create rich and meaningful connections, much like traditional pets have done for centuries. DOG is pleased to present RELATE(): AI BONDS, a one-night event with drinks, a collective gaming experience, and a live panel discussion featuring leading UX researchers, startup founders, and game developers—all working at the forefront of AI companionship—for a lively debate around the future interfaces giving form to these exciting new relationships. ✨ Free with RSVP ✨ Saturday April 6th @ 428 Waller Street Gameplay Workshop: 3—4pm (SOLD OUT)
 Panel Discussion: 4—6pm (SOLD OUT) Open Invitation Reception: 6—7:30pm ==== Event Panelists: • Miguel Chrisophy, VP of Hardware at ↗ Humane • Giuliano Morse, User Researcher • Will Freudenheim, Game Designer & Director at ↗ Laser Days; Researcher ↗ Anitkythera • Jason Yuan, Co-founder of ↗ New.Computer